Dominican Republic 1450-400-2025

here are the answers to some important questions you will probably have 🙂

Question: Where can I meet you?

Amswer: You can meet me anywhere within Dominican Republic_

Question: because the girls are independent will our meeting be secret?

Answer : No, even though the client can speak directly with the girls, for the safety of each girl they make a record of where they are going and with whom, they help each other by telling each movement they make. But that is only for safety of all of them.

Question: What is the Indep Escort policy?

Answer: the meeting only in three-star hotels and never goes to motels,

Question: Do you expect gifts?

Answer: To give is a generous and very lovely act but I do not require or expect gifts. For those who really insist on indulging me, I love roses, Dolce e Cabana clothes and jewellery, and my favorite perfume is Hermes.

Question: How can I pay you?

Answer: Cash only on arrival, please.

Question: What languages the girls speaken ?

Answer: Spanish is the first language of the majority but many of them speak English well and others know how to defend and use translators

Question: What are your rates?

Answer: Those would be found at Rates & Contact page!

Question: Are the pictures all really ?

Answer yes, the pictures all real.

Do you have any more questions?

Then get in touch!