Dominican Republic 1450-400-2025

ABOUT Kimberly

Tired of the same o’l same o’l ? I know I am! Let’s bring you back to life baby!!! Lol

I’m a delicate exotic mix, my skin is supple and soft… My breasts full and perky, and my legs, always smooth and long enough to wrap round you. My lips perfectly kissable, and my sweet breath on your neck smells of only peppermint. My touch will melt you into a perfect bliss as if out of a relaxing spa retreat…

I’m brand new to this area and quite confident I’m much-much better then the rest. Find out for yourself.

I love to play, enjoying new company is thrilling and always excites me. Are you someone who likes explore new things too? Apetite for Adventurous? I’m ready for you to call me, if you’re ready for me!

Call and let’s make memories together.

Kimberly</Punta Cana>